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Adam and his Sherwood Green Fender Jazz bass
November 9, 2005 // Oakland, CA // Photo: R.L. Wood

I recently emailed Dan Lakin of Lakland Bass guitars with some questions about Adam Clayton's "Vertigo tour" Lakland bass guitars. He responded fast! You gotta love that in an equipment company!
Hi Jeffery,
You can get a bass like Adam plays from our US line of basses.  The Skyline Series offers the bass in lake placid blue, black sparkle, and white pearl. 
Adam has -
2- Natural Jones with custom black blacks and no binding
1- Teal Green Metallic with custom abalone blocks and no binding
1- Gold with  custom abalone blocks (he hasn't taken delivery of this one yet).
The list price on a US Darryl Jones in $4600. 
A Skyline lists for $1599.
No plans for a Adam Clayton model.


Fender Active Jazz Deluxe Electric Bass Guitar, serial number N6201063, Select alder body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, 2 Samarium Cobalt Noiseless™ Jazz BassŪ Pickups, vintage white finish. Also includes a Levy's brown and black leather guitar strap. Clayton is a humble bass master who refined his style on stages around the world playing to packed stadiums. His bass lines create the foundation for U2's masterpieces. Bono has referred to him as the band's "jazz man." This bass was also used in the video for "Please." photo credit: Anton Corbijn.

Not only was this bass seen in the "Please" video but this also appears to be the same bass guitar that Adam is seen with in the "Elevation" video [good Adam/U2, not evil Adam/U2].


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