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Auerswald-A Clayton Custom [fretted]-Yellow-1996-97


MAKE: Auerswald
MODEL: A. Clayton Custom
VINTAGE: 1996 or 1997
FINISH: Yellow
USE: Studio: uncertain. Live: Thus far it has only seen the light of day during the 1997-1998 PopMart tour during performances of: "Mofo", "I Will Follow", "Discotheque", "If You Wear That Velvet Dress"
DETAILS: Auerswald guitars are made in Germany. The builder is the some one that has built the custom "Symbol" guitars for Prince. Adam has both a fretted and fretless version of this bass, as well as at least one fretted back-up. The fretless version is the one that was on display at Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame "Pride In The Name Of Love: 2 Decades of U2" exhibit. (Feb 2003-Feb 2004)

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